Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When Should You Quit A Relationship?

When Should You Quit A Relationship - sad woman couple - bad relationship marriage

Relationship is the most complex term and at the same time is very difficult to understand for people who are not into it. Your relationship with your lover is very different from that with your parents but you love both. Love is the common factor, one is unconditional and one is an addiction.

The unconditional love has a permanency but the addiction wavers. How long can one be addicted. After the peak of addiction is over generally we suffer the hangover. It may sound very pessimistic but in most cases it is true. A few who are lucky are the one's who are in habit of addiction.

There is no point in clinging to a relationship. In a relationship two people should walk hand in hand and not stick to each other. If you can't walk together it is better to quit the relationship for the good of both.

When Should You Quit The Relationship?

1.When Your Silence Speaks
One major characteristic of love is to speak your heart out to your lover but at a time when the same people have nothing to tell each other or rather don't want to share every thought, it means that love is lost. At this time your silence too disagree with the situation.

2.When You Don't Crave To Meet
Remember those days when you couldn't spend an hour without having a look at each other? This was when you craved to meet but at a time when days pass by and you don't get time to meet, it means your heart does not crave any more.

3.When You Are Formal To Him
Formality and obligation in a relationship comes only when you are not close to a person. When you want to pay him back what he gave you, you are being calculative. You are suffering the hangover of addiction.

4.When You Cry In Silence
Fights are common in any relationship but when in love, you fight then hug each other and cry your heart out. Unfortunately when love is lost, your tears stop to convey your emotions and you cry alone in bed.

5.When You Lose Trust
Trust is the pillar which holds a relationship. When that is lost, your relationship crashes. If you are not being able to trust him any more then let it go.

6.When You Are Not Crazy
Love makes you go crazy. Lovers do crazy things like coming up with a blue rose, surprising the partner at work place etc. All these are weird but makes the lovers happy. When you don't feel like doing these crazy stuff, love is lost.

Break up is the most painful thing for people who once were in love but sometimes it gets necessary. To keep a relationship on the verge of break up is the most painful punishment two people in can sentence each other to.

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