Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things Men Should Avoid In A Relationship !!!!

Things Men Should Avoid In A Relationship - woman hit a man

When you are in love there are many things that your girlfriend would not like to hear from you. In every relationship, you have to give your partner their own space.

Here are some of the things that men should keep quite about when they are in a relationship

1.Never talk about your ex girlfriend to your present girlfriend. The worst mistake that you can ever make is to compare the both of them. This will really upset her.

2.When you are with your girlfriend and you see a beautiful girl walk past , don't ever make comments like ,'she's so hot and sexy'. This is demeaning to your girlfriend and she will obviously feel bad.

3.Just like how you don't like her talking about your friends, she doesn't like it either. Don't ever make the mistake of pointing out to your girlfriend's friends as she will not like it.

4.Never make statements like, 'if you love me you do this'. This will only make her believe that you are black mailing her in the relationship to do things for you.

5.Talking about her 'weight' is a serious taboo. This is a delicate topic and many girls don't like their boyfriends telling them what to eat and what to avoid. Girls, know best what is good for them to eat.

6.'I don't have time for you right now'! In many relationships, guys tend to say this to their women and honestly it hurts! Avoid such statements in your relationship as your girlfriend deserves your time.

So when you are in a relationship, follow this advice and avoid statements like these that could harm your relationship.

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