Tuesday, January 15, 2013

StepsTo Make Your Partner Feel Special !!!

caressing - StepsTo Make Your Partner Feel Special

Expressing love to a spouse is important for all couples, no matter how long they've been married. For newly wed couples, it is more significant as love is the basic tool of foundation for a fruitful marriage life. Becoming comfortable with one another can lead the partners to express their intimate relationships. There is a saying 'In every good thing, disadvantage follows'. In the same way the good partners will face hurdles and pains which is a part of life. But those pains can be erased through proper dialogue between the two, by understanding each others short comings. So in order to avoid alienating or hurting your spouse, here are some few steps to express your love for your spouse.

1. Firstly, cook the favourite food of your spouse. Let him know that you made it to make him feel loved and appreciated. This is one of the small and unselfish act that can show to your spouse how much you love him.

2. Always do anything he want from you or go to a place he likes. If there's some place your spouse has been wanting to go, make sure that you take him there. Be at best to make him enjoyable and memorable.

3. Ask your spouse what words or actions make him feel loved. Then say or do those things. If you struggle to figure out what makes your spouse's love clock tick, just ask him. Your spouse will be pleased at the simple act that you're making an effort to show your love

4. Appreciate your spouse infront of others. This is because public praise can have the benefit of enhancing your spouse's self-confidence as you let others know your love for him.. This is similar to the effect of the public declaration of your love that you made on your wedding day.

5. Look at your spouse when he addresses you. This is a way of knowing that he loves you and you understand the depth of his love. In case you're watching a movie, playing a video game or reading a book pause it or put the book down when he calls you and give him your full attention to whatever he says.

If you follow these steps, your partner will feel special, loved, and appreciate your selfless love for him.

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