Friday, January 11, 2013

Single Woman Is Always 'Independent' !!!!

Single Woman Independent

Women who are single have always been interested to do the things they want in life. Those were the days when a woman depended on a man for everything. But, now times have changed where the woman of today are independent and successful.

Single women prefer to live by themselves and enjoy every minute of their life rather than getting into a relationship and being burdened. The main objective that today's woman would avoid is to be dependent on a 'man'.

The word, 'Freedom', is what drives women of today, therefore they choose this simple single lifestyle. A photographer and Montessori teacher in London, Ginny Jory, stated that she loves being single as she gets to bask in all last minute plans and even get a chance to head off for the weekend if she wants too without being pressured or leaving anyone behind.

On being a single woman, an IT director for Warner Bros, Hilary Catchpole said that,"I love having my independence and not having to answer to another person, I don't have to argue about money or washing someone's underpants. I live on my own and I enjoy my freedom. Mostly, I don't have to share my wardrobe with anyone - I couldn't do it!"

Some single women have even said that they feel lucky to know that they are not entitled to be in a relationship as most of them turn out to have bad endings which is very painful.

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