Friday, January 11, 2013

Romantic Ways To Propose For Marriage !!!

Romantic Ways To Propose For Marriage - proposing at sunset

Your in a loving relationship and waiting for your partner to take the next step of asking you to marry him. Many women of today are in love for a particular reason and aim for a target in their relationship.
They look forward to marriage and settling down to make their love last forever.
In proposing marriage, boyfriends want to find unique ways in making the proposal special and unique. These romantic ways to propose can help you make a good appearance and will definitely make her say yes.
Take a good chance and follow these romantic ways to propose to your loved one.

1.By Air
 This is one of the best ways of proposing marriage. Arrange for a helicopter and a banner to be placed at the end. Take her to an open field or park and make her lie down on your lap to relax. When she gazes into the sky she will see the helicopter asking her to marry you.

2.At the movies
Take her out for a romantic movie and before the movie starts, talk to the technical person. Ask him to do you a small favour and give him a cd of the two of you which consists of special moments. Request him to stop the movie in between and play the cd, this will give her an extreme shock. At the end of the slideshow, ask her to marry you.

3.On the roof
If you are having a live in relationship, proposing marriage becomes a little difficult as she is with you constantly and will know your plans. Think out of the box and surprise her. This romantic ways to propose marriage would be to write the words marry me on the ceiling of the living room. When she comes home , lift her up and tell her to look above. She will get a good surprise and will surely say yes when you are holding her in your strong arms.

4.Treasure Hunt
This is one of the famous games which can get really exciting. Get cookies made out of different letters of 'Marry Me' and hide them in a little box in the house. Ask her to play the game and in the end she will figure it out being totally surprise. This romantic way of proposing marriage can be surprising.

5.Do it flowers
 Being creative is one of the best romantic ways to propose for marriage. You can do it with flowers. On the bed that you share sprinkle red roses forming marry me.When she walks into the room she will get shocked to see your creativity. . Stand behind her with a ring in your hand, when she looks around.

These romantic ways to propose for marriage will make the love of your life smile with joy while she says 'I Do'. Proposing marriage in these unique ways will be memorable.

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