Saturday, January 5, 2013

Romantic New Year Ideas !!!

new-years-eve-party-planning - Romantic New Year Ideas

New Year party in some happening place with music, dance and DJ sounds like fun? Then how does a romantic outing on the New Year with your love sound? I am sure it is more romantic. It is said that what you do on the first day of New Year, determines your life all throughout the new year. Thus, spend your first day of New Year with your love. So that you are blessed with togetherness. This year for a change have a romantic New Year.

Romantic New Year Ideas :

How about hitting a beach on New Years eve? Sail on a boat under the moon and celebrate looking at her in the moonlight. Enjoy the wind getting playful around you and talk romantic nothings. Get back on the silent shore and make a bonfire for some warmth in a cold December night. A silent beach, a bonfire and two souls in love. It's perfect. Wish New Year under open sky on the strike of midnight.

2.Be A Cook To Night
Perfect way to a romantic date is delicious food, specially if coked by the guy. Make it special. Create a open kitchen on your garden and you can prepare some delicious New Year meal for yourself. It might not sound but it's the most romantic New Year idea. It gives you quality time to spend with each other and at the same time amidst all the aroma of delicious food, love kindles kiddingly.

3.Middle Of Nowhere
Let world be a place only for both of you. Take her on a long drive and stop by amidst beautiful woods, where nature looks at his best. Stop the car there and set off on a romantic walk holding hands together. At twelve make a wish to the lonely stars for a happy New Year.

4.Treasure Hunt
Set her on a treasure hunt on New Year. Leave clue for her in every room, which will guide her to the romantic location where you have planned a date. This is very romantic and when she founds you making up a special day for her, the twinkle in her eyes is the best New Year gift you have ever got.

These New Year romantic ideas will make 2011 memorable. In the daily toil we hardly get time to spend with our loved ones. Take up these romantic New Year ideas to spend some quality time.

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