Friday, January 4, 2013

Relationship After Break Up !!!!

Relationship After Break Up - sad couple - bad love life

Break up is a mishap in one's life and is the saddest thing to happen to a relationship. When two people come into a relationship of love, it's pure and unconditional, they part because they cannot come in terms with each others conditions. At a time when trust, believe and support fades away, break up seems to be inevitable. But this in no way means that you cannot or will never get into another relationship.

Relationship after a break up is commonly avoided for societal norms and is thought to be an incident which should not happen. The truth is that love does not have conditions. When two alike hearts meet and fall in love there is no harm. Relationship after break up in it's early stages does go through a lot of trouble for certain reasons. This is the time which judges your expertise in maintaining a relationship.

Here are some mistakes we make when in relationship after a break up -

Comparison between the good and the bad is a human tendency and when in a second relationship, it becomes inevitable. This comparison can cause problem in future. Constant comparison will put him on guard and thus, disturb his own way of being. Remember, your new relationship is your new path of life. It's never possible to forget the past but you can hide it behind all the happiness you get from your present relationship.

2.Over Possessiveness
As you have has hard luck in your previous relationship, it's a natural tendency to be over-guarded about the new relationship. This brings in possessiveness in relationship after break up. Possessiveness has never been good in a relationship and thus, to maintain your love life avoid the evil.

4.High Expectations
You want everything which you missed in your earlier relationship. This is not possible. Every person is different and they have their own way of handing a relationship. If always possible that you don't come to terms with a decision. There is no reason of taking it as a negative point. Expectations are bound to be there but they need to be reasonable.

5.Brooding Over The Past
 Your brooding over the past will make him loose interest. It will always remind him of being the second person in your life. This feeling is not good to maintain a relationship. Thus, get out of the past and it should stop bothering you by now.

You are lucky to be in a relationship after break up. Maintain it and make it successful. Love is beautiful only if you keep it the way you got it.

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