Saturday, January 5, 2013

Infatuation Or Love – Which One Are You In?

Romantic Hugging Couple - Infatuation Or Love – Which One Are You In

How many people do you know who are single after teens? I am sure not many. It seems these days everyone is falling and falling apart in love. Proposals, relationships, affairs, break up and depression has become a regular affair and the important part is that all of these is affecting the lifestyle and the mental state of people. Nowadays, to be in a relationship is as important as being alive. If you are still single, your friends will find you the 'good friend'. 

So, when everyone is falling into love, what is the reason for so many unsuccessful relationship? The answer is the quest between deciding whether you are in infatuation or love. When you start liking a person of the opposite sex the most difficult thing to decide is whether it's infatuation or love. Here is the solution to your confusion of it's infatuation or love -

1.Infatuation is the result of the flow of the chemical called dopamine. Dopamine erupts a feeling of elation. A state of extreme excitement. If you are struck by infatuation you will want to cling to that person more. Infatuation soon dies out and you tend to get bored within a few days of time.
Love on the other hand is a much more calm process. It is a mature feeling, which does not make you cling to the person. It takes time to emerge and is a feeling of stability and attachment. It enhances with time and brings two people closer.

2.Infatuation does not support disagreement. When two people are infatuated, they want to agree on every point. Disagreements often become the main reason to burst the day dream.
Love on the other hand is all about understanding. Arguments do happen but it is a very trivial reason to quit the relationship. In love, you come to an agreement rather than live with the problem.

3.Infatuation is never a commitment. Once the elation stars drooping, commitment also droops. Infatuation does not like binding. You don't want to submit to the other person.
The base of love is commitment. If you are in love, you are committed. You want to be with the same person all your life and plan your future. Love is a promise which two people make to each other and never break.

4.Infatuation usually starts from the looks. It can also be called a serious crush. It's the sudden excitement which the girl feels when the most handsome guy in college comes and talks to her or what a guy feels when a beautiful girl smiles at him. Thus, starts their friendship and then they are struck by infatuation.
Love on the other hand touches the heart. When mentality of two people match, their thought process jell with each other and their emotions are well matched, it can be said that they are in love.

5.In infatuation passion for each other is the source of attraction. And in love emotions play the most important part. In the former, there is lack of patience and meeting one's lust in on priority but in the latter the main motive is to work towards a secure and settled future.
Love is a much more serious affair than infatuation and the latter is the easy road to fun and happiness. Thus, most of us are infatuated which we think as love. Be it infatuation or love, in both cases our emotions are at stake. So, what are you in, infatuation or love?

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