Friday, January 11, 2013

Gifts That Your Girlfriend Will Hate !!!!

girlfriends-hate-bad-gifts-Gifts That Your Girlfriend Will Hate

In every relationship, partners give each other gifts to express their love for one another. In some relationships, though, they tend to stay away from showering each other with gifts as they prefer to buy things on their own.

It is indeed difficult for a man to understand a woman's needs, therefore he always ends up buying a gift that his woman doesn't appreciate.

To avoid these circumstances, every man should know certain things a woman doesn't like under that pretty wrapping paper.

1.Facial Hair Removal
This is one thing that will really put your girlfriend off. Getting her a facial hair removal cream or device will only make her think that you look at her as a man. It maybe a necessity, but it is definitely a wrong gift.

2.Cook Book
 A cook book is indeed a very important asset in a woman's world. But, by you gifting her a cook book, it will only make her think that she needs to improve the way she cooks. It will also seem that you are demanding for your woman to cook a variety for you all the time.

3.Exercise Equipment
This is a complete 'no'. She may have to get her body trimmed, but you buying her exercise equipment will get her thinking that you dislike her body and this will make her insecure every time she sees you looking at her.

If you gift your girlfriend a card with money or an envelope with money, it will definitely be insulting. It will also look like your paying her for everything she does for you. So don't make the mistake, of gifting your girlfriend money.

5.Anti wrinkle creams
 This may seem to be a good thing according to you to buy your girlfriend. But, buying her an anti wrinkle cream will only tell her that you don't like the way she looks. In a way, it will seem to her that you are trying to tell her to look young again.

So keep in mind, the next time you shop for your girlfriend. Do not waste your time and energy buying the things listed above as it will not give you any satisfaction or a peck on the cheek.

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