Saturday, January 5, 2013

Are You Ready For A Commitment?

man fear of commitment - Are You Ready For A Commitment

Affair and commitment are two different things, with two different kind of responsibility. The truth is that it is not always necessary that every affair will end up into a commitment. Commitment is the promise of staying together for the whole life, a promise to get married. Thus, you need to be sure that you can take up a commitment. Here are things which you should keep in mind before being ready for a commitment - 

1.Are You'll Settled?
Settlement in life is the most important. Settlement includes a stable career, agreement form parents and bank balance. It is false to say that commitment is not materialistic. These criteria are important for a settled life. Monetary settlement assures a peaceful lifestyle and is the basic requirement to be ready for a commitment.

2.Are You Happy?
You should be happy to be with him/her. No matter how old is your relationship, the excitement should be the same. There are very few happy couples. Happiness comes with complete understanding, with the feeling of togetherness and understanding. Happiness should come naturally. Ask yourself, if you are happy or it's a compromise? If the answer is positive you are ready for a commitment.

3.Are You Honest? 
As a couple your relationship should be transparent. You should not hide truth from each other. This is important, as this proves how clear you are in the relationship. Honesty saves the relationship from misunderstanding and enhances the trust.

4.Are You Over Your Past?
It is possible that you find the right person after an unsuccessful affair in the past. You should be completely out of your previous life to be true to your present partner. If your past is still haunting you, you are not ready for a commitment.

5.Are You'll Friends?
For being a good partner, its very important that you both are good friends. It has always been believed that two good friends are the best life partners. Friendship makes your relationship informal and easy to talk about everything.

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