Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 Tips To Find The Right Gift For Him !!!!

woman-giving-gift-to-her-boyfriend - 5 Tips To Find The Right Gift For Him

If there’s special cologne you like that stops you in your tracks every time you get a whiff, buy it. It’s a gift for him, but a treat for your nose each time he sprays it on.

Shopping for your man’s Christmas gift might be one of the most daunting things you can do. Not because it’s something you dread doing, but because it’s something you want to be sure you get “right.” It’s stressful to buy something for your other half, because you’ll have to live with their reaction to it day and night. 

So to get you in the spirit of giving with meaning, here are a few tips that will help guide you to selecting the perfect gift this holiday:

Pay Attention
Your man is probably dropping clues and hints left and right (unintentionally) about what he currently has his eye on, whether it’s a new gadget he’s dying to test out, or a shirt he stopped to look at in the mall. While this might be typical behavior for your guy, pay special attention to every little detail as the holidays near. He might be dropping hints without even knowing it, and that’s what makes that jacket he was admiring in the window even more special: he’ll know you were paying attention to him.

What You Want
While it may sound a little selfish at first, don’t hesitate to infuse a little bit of yourself in that gift you’re giving him. Remember, it is something you’re going to have to see him wear, smell him in, listen to and experience, so why not make it something that you like as well? If there’s special cologne you like that stops you in your tracks every time you get a whiff, buy it. It’s a gift for him, but a treat for your nose each time he sprays it on. If there’s a shirt that you just love because of the way it hugs his chest, buy it – you’ll get to look at him in it! Giving things you both like can only strengthen your bond during the holidays.

Be A Snoop
Now this little tip needs to be handled with care. Don’t turn into a full blown forensic scientist overnight. You don’t need to dive deep into your man’s business, however light “looking” doesn’t hurt. For example, maybe you can look into the browser history of your home computer to see if he’s been looking up the latest iPad mini, a new razor shaver set or the latest craze in video games, Call of Duty. This is a basic way to see what he has had his eye on lately. Anything else you find in his search history beyond that…well, you know. Just proceed with caution!

Just Ask
This may seem too straight forward, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just ask. There’s a method to this however – you want to get a few different ideas from him. Ask him what he’s generally interested in receiving and go in that direction. Or if he mentions something specific, don’t go out and get that exact item, but pick up something similar and along the lines of what he has asked for. That way it will feel more like you put some thought into it. Or consider getting one thing he asked for paired up with something “similar” so that there’s definitely an element of surprise on Christmas morning.

There’s nothing better than pulling at his heart strings. Even the toughest of guys like when their better halves show how much they care. If you’re not the craftiest person, don’t worry. Head to your local arts and crafts store and just walk the aisles a little bit. There’s so much inspiration there and your mind will start to churn with fun ideas and ways to make him smile this holiday. For example, scrapbooking is really fun and makes for a great gift too! Put together a nice little homemade book chronicling your relationship from the time you met until now – ticket stubs from movies or concerts you went to together, photos of you together, whatever is meaningful to you. Even if you man is not a sensitive guy, this little gift is guaranteed to make him smile. And if you pair this up with something that’s on his “list,” you’re sure to have a satisfied man this holiday. 

Good luck shopping for your man this holiday season. No matter what, just remember YOU are the best gift he could ever ask for.

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