Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Long Distance Relationship Fails ??!!

Why Long Distance Relationship Fails? - man and woman talking on the phone

Long distance relationship can be a tough experience that may fail most often. The distance in love can break strong ties even among strong couples. So, why long distance relationship fail? Is it the distance or lack of understanding? Lets check out the reasons as to why long distance relationship fails and leads to a break up!
Reasons behind long distance relationship failure:

Lack of communication:
It is very a common problem among couples who are in a relationship at a distance. Only phone or internet are the modes of communication and if that is not utilized then it can be a major problem in a relationship. To keep distance love alive, staying in touch is very important.

Excess communication: 
As the other side of the coin, excessive chatting can become boring and the interest can be lost. To avoid running out of topic and then fighting as to you don't want to talk is another common reasons behind a long distance relationship failure and break up.

Often the partner intentionally or accidentally fall in and out of love in the absence of partner. The urge to get a companion beside you in your bad times make many couples opt for cheating in love.

Trust is the strong base behind a relationship and if that is not present in a relationship then the chances of a break up is more! Many long distant couples are prone to doubting as they can't see the day to day occurrences of their partner. Mistrust and then fighting is a common reason behind break up too.

A fight over not calling or not giving time can become irritating to the partner specially if you don't understand each other. Small fights can become big and lead to a break up. It is very important to stop fighting unless the situation demands! Fighting in rel can also lose interest in each other eventually.

As a part and parcel of life, change is obvious. But change can be positive or negative. If the partner changes in time then it is clear that the thinking and love has also changed towards you.

Be it any such reason, relationship failure is not in your hands, it depends on the love, understanding, trust and the need to have each other. If these things are lively then any relationship regardless of distance can survive!

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