Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Fairy tale Stories Don't Come True??

Why Fairy tale Stories Don't Come True - the little mermaid

We grow up reading fairytale stories like Cinderella's and Snow Whites who get rescued by their Prince Charming. That actually turns us in Sleeping Beauties who do not want to proactive in finding their own path. If you are one of those girls who are never happy with the man they find for themselves then this article is just for you. This concept of the elusive 'Knight In Shinning Armour' is the reason for your dissatisfaction with real love stories.

Here are some of the thing should consider if you are still lost in fairytale stories.
Why Fairytale Stories Never Come True?

1. Because They Are Meant To Fool:
You must have seen television commercials that claim that a particular cream can make you look fair in 7 days. Do you believe it? You have to treat fairytale stories at par lying television commercials. It is all glossy and beautiful on the top because it is empty lies from within. When will you learn that all that glitters in not gold?

2. You Are Fed On Them For Distraction:
Fairytales are not in the truest sense modern. Most of the fairytales written by Hans Anderson are at least a century old. These tales were written for a generation of women (upper class obviously) who had absolutely nothing better to do than dream (because their real lives were so boring). For the modern woman who educated and brought up to earn a living, it makes no sense.

3. Wouldn't Real Love Stories Be So Boring Like That:
Have you ever analysed why we love these fantastic tales so much? It is because they are not meant to be true. If real life became so perfect then you would be bored to death. Women have fantasies of the Prince Charming equivalent riding up to them and sweeping them off their feet. However, you will not last one month with a guy who is constantly charming and always at his best. Relationship conflicts are actually healthy.

4. The Prince Too Has Evolved:
This is 2012, the world is about to end. What do you expect the hero of your real love stories to do? Ride on a horse? The concept of the Knight in Shinning Armour too has changed with the priorities of the modern woman. 100 years back women looked for a provider to take responsibility for them. Today you might want somebody who considers you responsible!

5. Every Fairy Tale Ends With Marriage: 
Have you ever heard of a fairytale that begins with a marriage? Impossible because if it did it would cease to be a fairy tale at all; it will become a war story! When you actually start living with Mr Charming then you realise that he snores too loud, is a clumsy eater and smells of onions after lunch. These imperfections make him human.

Fairy tale stories are not meant to come true so don't ruin your beautiful reality for them.

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