Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Do You Need Love?

Why Do You Need Love - romance and attraction

You must have seen couples holding hands of each other an enjoying every moment with their partners. Often single people wonder as to why you need love in your life? Does it completes your is just a want? Well, you love because you want it. It may be a want to get the person who has taken away your sleep or to fill the emptiness in your life by dating someone. Here are few reasons to know why you need love and a partner in your life.

You wish to: 
Love can be felt any time and anywhere. It is not limited to any age or sex. It is a feeling which comes suddenly for a person you like and wish to stay with forever.

Someone beside you:
Many a times, single people might feel lonely and the urge to have a partner makes them depressed with the empty life. You want to have someone when you are sad or happy and the shoulder to lean your head makes you think about having a partner with whom you can share everything.

Completes you:
Being single is fun but after a point of time, you need someone to love you and make you feel wanted. The feeling that someone is there beside you to support you and stand by you at any time makes you feel good.

To share: 
You want someone in your life to share your thoughts, love, mind and body. No one wants to stay alone for whole life and be reserved within oneself. Why you need love? To share the things which can be really personal and secretive.

These are the most common reasons to know why you need love in your life and not stay single.

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