Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Are Men Less Talkative?

men in silence - silent man - Why Are Men Less Talkative than women

Women are talkative! Everyone knows that.... What about men?

Why are men not talkative when compared to women? You might have seen very few men who love to talk and share things with you. This is because men avoid talking much especially with women and moreover, men don't like to share their problems with everyone whereas women can't keep things to themselves and end up sharing their problems within hours! To know why men are not so talkative like women, here are few reasons.
Why are men less talkative?

To women, everything is interesting and happening but for men a normal home to office and office to home is regular which is not so interesting. For most of the men, everything is not interesting or not important to discuss with someone. This is basically the difference between men and women. Women think something is of importance which is not of same importance to a man. One reasons why women feel men are less talkative.

Men don't like to share their problems with anyone or everyone. You might have seen, men don't mix much with anyone but stay ion their own world. They have limited friends. However, few men have uncounted friends. Very few men are talkative and not so reserved. Matured men are more reserved. Also shy men tend to be reserved in their own world.

Few men feel talking is associated with women and doesn't match with their personalities. This is why, mot of the men withhold their emotions and restrict themselves while expressing. Many women complain that men don't express their feelings and keep inside their heart! This male ego is the reason behind men being less talkative.

These are few reasons to know why men are so less talkative. Well exceptions are there and so you might come across few en who are extremely talkative than expected!!!!

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