Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Women Hate About Men?

What Women Hate About Men? - man- bad date

In the last article we came to know what men hate in women. After knowing the bad habits of women, it is time to reveal the bad habits of men. This article will deal with what women hate in men. Well there are many things which women don't like in men but here are the most common bad habits of men which women hate!
What women hate in men?
  • Women hate men who are more into gadgets than her. Majority of women complain that men think playing video games is more important than being around with girls. A man playing video games or surfing net when his partner is sitting beside him is not acceptable by the woman.
  • Women dislike men who are immature and irresponsible. Women love men who have a strong and little dominant nature which can control her and make her feel special. So, an irresponsible and careless man seldom gets close to a woman.
  • Women too hate boundations given by the men. Same as a man, she also wants to live a life of her own. Too much of interference and over-possessiveness make women dislike such men.
  • Women hate men who consider her as a minor and disrespects her. For a proper relationship both should be treated equally. If the man feels he is superior then a big goodbye is approaching!
  • Women hate men who are not romantic! A woman loves romance and feels emotionally attached to her man if he expresses himself through romance. So, if you want to impress a girl, be romantic like a film actor is on the screen!
  • Women hate the bad habit of men like importance to friends. A man gives a lot of importance to his friends. Going out for a beer with friends on a weekend makes the woman go crazy.
  • A woman loves to feel special by her man and if he doesn't make her feel special then she will lose interest in you and feel that you are an introvert who thinks about coming close to her to fulfill your physical needs.
  • Woman dislike men who are bad in talking. A good and impressive conversation makes her run behind you. To impress a girl, a nice voice and shrewd chat is what works immediately!
  • Woman love men who are confident and daring. A gutsy man impresses a girl so if you don't want to fall in the what women hate in men list, be a bad boy!

Women dislike few bad habits of men but still stay with them as they complete each other. A world without men and women together is incomplete!

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