Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trying A 'Friends With Benefits' Relationship?

Trying A 'Friends With Benefits' Relationship? - justin timberlake

Getting benefits from the closest friend is a rising desire. This is mainly because both fulfill their needs and wishes without being into any committed relationship. So, why people like this friends with benefits relationship? It is the comfort level and the mutual interests which make people get into such temporary relationships.
How to start and what to do in this friends with benefits or no strings attached relationship?
  • Always observe and think before starting this relationship. The friend can not like this idea of no strings attached relationship and this can spoil the existing friendship. So, see if your friend is also giving same gestures or not. It is good to choose the partner wisely and not blindly just to fulfill your wishes and urges.
  • Before you start friends with benefits relationship, it is very important to know that the friend doesn't like someone else or is committed. Single friends are the best to start the no strings attached relationship.
  • Use humour to get hints. Indirectly express your wants and expectations from the friend and see how the reaction is. If the friend also takes it lightly or gives hints back then it is a sign of getting into this no strings attached relationship. But if the reaction is negative pas it as a joke to get over it.
  • One best way to avoid getting serious in this temporary relationship is to make a friend with benefits. Hanging around with your close friend not only spoils the friendship but also makes the friend feel for you with time. So, to avoid serious love and commitment, date a new friend with similar needs to be on the safer side. This helps move on easily!!
  • Never go off track. Friends with benefits is also known as no strings attached relationship because you date to get your work done. It is not love but a time pass sort of relation. So, flirt while hanging with your friend. This gives the impression that the existing relationship is not serious and gives hint of being flexible.
  • Be prepared to face the side effects. You can end up losing your friend forever and physical intimacy leads to mental attachment with time. It is best to be clear with your decision. Ask yourself if you are prepared for this type of temporary relationship or not.
Use these tips to start a friends with benefits relationship with no string attached in them.

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