Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 5 Rules For Secret Dating !!!

Top 5 Rules For Secret Dating - secret love - betrayal

All flirts out their need to know a few rules for dating women. The rules will keep pouring in often as long as there are dating rituals. We know, that women are smart but there are rules that even they don't have a hint. So let's help you discover those rules that will help a long way if you wish to secretly date. Take a look.

These rules are timeless secret dating tips which need to be wrapped in your safe heart, sneak a peek gentlemen and enjoy the journey of dating.

Top 5 Secret Dating Rules - 

Rule 1:
 Do not make the new chick feel that you are desperate to see her. Avoid texting her, calling her or meeting often, that way you will be setting a rule in the woman's dating game and also making her realise that the game is quite known to you. Play it cool and wait until she responds back.

Rule 2: 
If you are planning to take her out for secret date, take her to a place where you visit often. This way, you will feel comfortable in showcasing your talent by interacting with you usual restuarant waiter, or a known bar tender or a DJ at a disco. This way yourdisplay of social clout will impress the girl.

Rule 3:
 Limit your date to just a kiss although you have the urge to get physically close. Girls would always want to know if their men are or aren't ruled by loins. Withholding self from her by just passionately kissing and stopping at that will fetch you good dividends at the later stage.

Rule 4:
 Keep a check on your expenditure when you are planning for a secret date. Take her to a nearby cafe or a lounge where to don't have to empty your pockets. In these meetings you will be able to decide if the girl is worthy of you.

Rule 5:
 Although she hints you that is desperately in love you, simply avoid the calls. This way it will prove her love for you, her patience levels and about how keen she is to take the relationship onto the next level.

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