Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 5 Reasons To Dump Your Girlfriend !!!

Top 5 Reasons To Dump Your Girlfriend - bad dominating girl woman

If you are in a state where you really want to dump your girlfriend but can't because you can't decide if your reasons are good enough, then here is help for you. For those who are having serious girl friend problems these are the 5 pressing reasons to get rid of her and find some mental peace for yourself. Relationship problems come and go but if you think that there is no hope for you too then cut it out right there. There is no thumb rule saying that it is only girls who should call off relationships because 'it is not working out.'

Here are the 5 girlfriend problems for which you can definitely dump your girlfriend. Don't worry, they are serious enough for no one to judge you.
Top 5 Reasons To Dump Girlfriend:

1. Abusive Girlfriend: 
Who said only guys can be abusive and physically violent? There are many women who misuse their social position to abuse men. You can see it outside pubs the unusual sight of a girl slapping a guy across the face. If your girlfriend has this violent streak then do not overlook. Dump her but not without making a public scene yourself. You will grab eyeballs (preferably female) and gain lots of sympathy.

2. Exploitative Girlfriend: 
Social norms compel men to pay the bills but do pocket money allowances or pay checks make any note of that? Never. So if you are getting the same pocket money or salary that she is, why should you end up broke? It is alright to be chivalrous and good girlfriends appreciate it. However, if your boring girlfriend is also a very high maintenance girl then you better reconsider. If she is making unreasonable financial demands then it is better to dump your girlfriend.

3. Unfaithful Girlfriends:
Infidelity is not the sacred premise of men; it is common girlfriend problem too. So if you suspect that she is cheating on you, you have every right to be outraged. Don't let her trick you by saying stock statements like 'I would have forgiven you' or 'just because I am a girl I can't.' They are window dressings to cover the truth.

4. Dominating Girlfriend: 
Your girlfriend is not boring, she loves you but she loves her pet dog too. There is not much difference in the manner of displaying affection for both. Beware of girlfriends who pet you and drool all over you because they also expect you to tag along like pet dogs in return.

5. Suicidal Girlfriend: 
If every argument with your girlfriend ends at 'you make me want to die' then its time you move away from the maniac you are dating. Saying suicidal things or thwarted suicide attempts are nothing but attention seeking techniques. Even if you seriously believe she will kill herself it is better to distance yourself from such psychopaths.

Use these relationship tips to dump your girlfriend if required.

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