Monday, November 19, 2012

Tips On Dating Two Girlfriends !!!

Tips On Dating Two Girlfriends

 Dealing with more than one girlfriend at the same time is not a new trend. Many men double cross by dating two girlfriends side by side. There are times when you fall out of your love when some other girl from nowhere appears in your life and changes you. Dating two girlfriends is considered cool by many men as they want to have many girlfriends and dating two or more girlfriends is not a big deal for them.
Men loves to have girlfriend but when some other girl also enters the life then the past feeling are reduced but not lost. He doesn't want to leave the existing girlfriend but don't get the strength to leave the new love in his life. The biggest fact is most of the times, second girlfriend is not taken seriously and men don't think about any future with their second love as the old love has strong bonds which can't be broken with new love!
As the trend of dating two girlfriends is followed among men, here are tips to deal with two girlfriends:
  • If you like the new girl and want to gel with her as her lover then the most important tip is never tell her that you are already committed. It is best to hide from her as girls don't like to share their love with others especially with other GIRLS!
  • Change the name of your girlfriend or new lover on the phone to be on the safer side.
  • Don't try to use the new girlfriend to play safe if you are dating two girlfriends
  • Try to explain her what made you like and fall for this girl. Share your feeling and make her aware of the reason behind dating her.
  • One of the most important tips for dealing with two girlfriends is 'Never meet in public!' if you meet in public places, chose a location which is far and none of your known person resides in the area.
  • Throw an excuse as to why you can't save her number with her name such as family or friends who can be the best examples for hiding new love.
  • If you are bored or caught dating with two girlfriends then all the best!
Use these tips to deal with two girlfriends and be careful as this love is hidden and can't be revealed due to the society's unacceptable reaction towards dual love.

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