Friday, November 23, 2012

Tips For Getting Over A Break Up !!!

Tips For Getting Over A Break Up

Had a break up? Don't sit in one corner thinking about your love. It is not easy to forget the person you loved the most but everyone has the strength to get over their break ups. 'Get over break up' is what goes on in mind but ways does not seem to strike it as the very presence of the lost one stays in the head.
Here are few tips to get over break up:

1. Don't stay alone. Go out, meet friends, hang out with friends group and share your feelings. Sharing your thoughts make you feel light.
2. Go out for parties and stop thinking that your life is over and no fun is left in the life after a break up. But remember, getting addicted to stuffs like smoking and boozing will help you forget for a small time span and the addiction will not be good later on.
3. Go shopping! It is the best way especially for girls. Buy new dresses to heal your broken heart.
4. Get a make over. Change your look. You would love to see your changed look.
5. Stop listening to romantic and sad songs as they tend to directly hit the emotions.
6. For getting over a break up, try extra curricular activities like swimming, playing outdoor games. It will keep you engaged and prevent from thinking about your lost love.
7. Flirting is considered as a way for getting over a break up especially for men. It is accepted till one does not hurt the feelings of your new partner while flirting.
8. Life does not end. Think that you deserve someone better so the break off has shown you a path to get out of a relationship which was not yours. A hard fact for getting over a break up.
9. Love yourself. Never underestimate your own self thinking that you have some flaws due to which your relationship ended. This is an effective way of getting over broken heart.
10.Talk to your parents and don't plan to leave the place as your love stays there. You can best get over a break up by facing the bitter truth.
Follow these get over break up tips and see the positive light in your life instead of crying and thinking about the past. Remember- let the bygones be bygones!

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