Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Signs Of A Desperate Girl !!!

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Desperation comes when your wishes or needs do not get fulfilled and the urge to get that becomes more stronger. There are many people who are too desperate to get a partner. This desperation can be annoying for others as you appear too needy and helpless. Not only men, but women also get desperate to date these days. So, if you are having a girl in your life who is longing to get you, then here are few ways to know if she is desperate or not. Check out...

Signs to know a desperate girl:

Stick too much:
Here sticking doesn't only mean physically touching you. There can be a desperation to get into a relationship with you or the longing to sleep with you. If a woman sticks physically, then you have to be careful (unless you are not interested). Or else, if she keeps calling you every other minute, it clearly shows that she is desperate to get you. Calling you to take advice or suggestion on small issues is just an excuse. If you feel she is using silly excuses to get close to you, it is a sign to tell she is desperate for you.

She likes everything that you do:
When a girl likes you and wishes to get you desperately in her life, she would love everything and anything that you like and do. It is all a funda to impress you and show that you two share similar likings and thoughts. Whatever you think or say is correct and great for her.

Always dying for compliments:
A desperate girl would always thrive to get compliments from you. She will dress up specially to impress you and to gather all your attention. If you compliment yourself, she will not stop blushing and if you do not compliment, she will ask directly or indirectly just to hear so from your mouth. These are all signs to tell that the girl is longing to get you in her life.

Her eyes are always on you: 
When a girl gets desperate, she will not stop thinking about you. It is not just women but, men also face the same problem. The urge to get the person becomes too strong on the individual. This can be clearly seen when she keeps staring at you and tries to get naughty with you (at times) just to tell you indirectly that she is looking at you in some other way. She will keep a track of what you are doing, when and where; like a reporter.

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