Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Should You Invite Your Ex-BF To Your Wedding?

Should You Invite Your Ex-BF To Your Wedding

Most of us have a past that we do not want to talk about. Some are able to get over a break up and move on in their lives and some are unable to do the same. But, it always feels good to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. Doesn't it? There can be nothing better than calling your ex boyfriend to your wedding. But, there are two sides to it. Let us know the pros and cons of calling your ex-boyfriend to your wedding.

Look I Am Happy
The best thing when you call your ex-boyfriend to your wedding is that he gets to see that you can be happy with someone else. Many guys think that no one can make a girl happier than they can. This illusion can be broken easily when they see their ex-girlfriend happy with some one else. This will be a silent message that will show him that, 'Look I can be even happier with someone else'.

Call your ex-boyfriend to your wedding and make him jealous. He had at some point of time aspired to see you the same way by his side. But when he sees the same girl standing in her wedding costume with some other guy, he becomes jealous. He also cannot stand to see someone else taking his place. Your ex-boyfriend will be jealous like never before.

Better Broke Off
Call your ex-boyfriend to your wedding and make him understand that it was good for you to break up with him. Make him understand that you are with a better person now. You got to meet and marry the most wonderful person, as you broke up with your previous boyfriend.

Be Friends
There is a very good part about calling your ex-boyfriend to your wedding. This may be the onset of a very friendly relationship between the two of you. Forget your past and introduce your ex-boyfriend to your husband. Trust me, even the three of you can develop a friendly bond over the years.

Create Tensions
There can be some negative aspects of inviting your ex-boyfriend to your wedding. Your ex-boyfriend may become jealous and try to create tensions. He might probably show up with some old photos and videos of the two of you. May be your husband is good enough to understand you, but all your relatives might not be as cooperative. Finally, it may all lead to a big mess. So, if your ex-boyfriend has been jealous and over-possessive by nature it is better not to invite him to the wedding to avoid any problems as such.

Take all these points into account before you invite your ex-boyfriend to your marriage ceremony.

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