Monday, November 19, 2012

Share Household Duties For A Healthy Relationship

Share Household Duties For A Healthy Relationship - work

Sharing household duties makes your marriage relationship healthy and active participation is good! There are few men habits which makes the women lose temper like throwing the socks on the floor after returning from office, leaving wet towel on the bed etc. Men don't like to share household duties due to their male ego and the existing practice that women needs to look after the household chore and men will nowhere help. This has been trashed by most of the women these days as they want equal contribution from her man.
Especially on weekends, women expects that her partner will help her in the house work more likely in cooking. Gone are the days when men never used to step inside the kitchen. Now men help their wives in the home.
Perceptions of fair domestic workloads also influenced the chances of relationship survival. You can spice up your marriage relationship by putting forward your helping hand. Make her happy by cooking food. She might be bored of cooking and having her own taste. Outside food is not that fun and delicious as your handmade food will be. Try it!
Married women today expects and looks forward for their husbands to help them in small housework they do. It may be as simple as, helping your child do the homework or keep the utensils in place or just serving the food for dinner. It doesn't make you sweat but it does make her feel she is in safe hands.

If you can't help her in sharing the household duties, don't try to increase her work load. She might get frustrated if she is a working women. After a tiring day, she might not have the strength to do all the household work. Moreover you know she has been working at home (if she is not a working woman) so, avoid making it dirty with your irresponsible acts!
Adjustments is a key to a healthy marriage relationship. Break your male ego and if you can't help, don't pass comments on her work.
So, don't just waste the home day lying on the couch in front of the TV and munching snacks to add weight. Instead help your partner when she is working. Share household duties and just look at her smile when you help her! Nothing can be more pleasurable than her smiling face on having you with her!

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