Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rules Of An Open Relationship !!!

Rules Of An Open Relationship - man jealous

An open relationship is the rising rage among couples especially teenagers. Open relationships doesn't involve long term commitment and the term itself means dating till you get some other better options. The couple are free to move out of the relationship anytime. Teenagers avoid long term commitment which is why open relationships are rising. But do you know the ground rules before getting into an open relationship? Read on...

Rules before starting an open relationship:

Express your thoughts and expectations: 
Before getting into this relationship, discuss what you two want and then decide whether the understanding and compatibility is possible or not. Communicate with your partner and tell the reasons why you want to try this relationship, what you can do and what you can't.

Pen down rules:
Generally, this relationship involves physical love to a greater extent as it is one of the basic and primary needs in this type of relationship. Based on your comfort levels, you can pen down rules of 'dos and don'ts' and share with your partner.

Stay under limits:
This relationship means liberty to hang around or date multiple guys/girls but it is best to avoid making love with others when you are in a relationship. To be on the safer side, it is best to never make out with the mutual friends.

Don't cheat:
Even if you are free in this relation, a relationship is based on trust and loyalty. If your partner has never got issues with you hanging out with others then it is not a problem otherwise it is good to avoid cheating your partner and spoiling your image.

Inform or update: 
If you are dating some other person too, it is good to update the partner. This helps keeping the partner updated and also signals the time to move on!

Protective lovemaking:
As both of you might have had intimate moments with other before this relationship, use protections every time to prevent health problems.

Use these 6 rules before starting an open relationship and enjoy the time!

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