Thursday, November 15, 2012

Real Love Story Of School Romance !!

Real Love Story Of School Romance!

I always try to remember how my love story actually started but can not figure out the actual date and time. Was it the 1st time I saw her or was it the time she proposed me? We both had been classmates for years. She was my dance partner in all the dance competition at school. We both liked each other. I am a shy guy so naturally, didn't have any courage to propose her. I also had a feeling that it may not be love as I was in 8th standard that time. I felt that I don't have much knowledge about love.
As a friend, she used to give chocolates to my younger brother everyday. I always shared those chocolates with my brother and she knew about this. May be this might be the reason she used to bring chocolates regularly.
One day she told one of our mutual friends that she loves me. I came to know the same day about it. I was still not sure what to reply. I was hoping that she never proposes directly. After 2 days my same friend told me that she wants an answer for it. That whole night I could not sleep thinking about what my reply should be. At the same time I was also very delighted that she loves me. Next day I called her and told her “I love her too". Thats the time when we officially became lovers, a young school romance.
She continued giving chocolates to my brother and the quantity of chocolates increased because of our young love relationship. Things continued this way for few months. Even my friends started complaining that I don"t spend time with them but with my girlfriend. Soon karvachawt came and she wanted to fast for me. I was against this idea but still she kept the fast. (This did not annoy me. It actually made me more happy. Even in my heart I knew that I didn"t wanted her to listen to me.)
It was a Sunday and we had holiday at school. Our romance was in the air! She wanted to meet me (As Indian tradition says, after looking at the moon, you see the face of your partner and break the fast). So, I had to meet my girl so that she breaks her whole day fast as early as possible. I lied to my parents saying that I need to urgently go and bring a book from one of my friends in the colony.
I went out at 11 pm just to meet her near the railway station. She was waiting for me. We spoke for sometime and later she ate from my hands. It felt like I was in heaven.
Since then we are together. Its been 9 years now! Our young school romance or love story is still bright, real and lively. We do fight but finally get over the conflict. In short, our conflict is healthy for our love relationship. I hope this love never fades away and we always keep loving each other forever. This is a valentine's day gift for my girlfriend who is my real love story lead!!! Without her, my life is dull and meaningless.
I do think my life would have been incomplete without her. Expecting to have a nice valentine's day with my real love, the story girl!
Thank U my love…

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