Thursday, November 15, 2012

Real Love Is Always Alive: True Story !!!

Real Love Is Always Alive: True Story! - draw heart

Almost 3 yrs ago, I let my real love story end by letting my true love go. This decision was not because I didn't love her, but because that time I thought it was the right thing to do. You may have all heard the saying, Lessons in true love sometimes means letting go... May be the saying is true. Well, I still think of her very much and hurt from the lack of her touch and from the songs she would sing to me.
This girl was very much in love with me. Every time we were with each other, she would give me her fullest attention and I would give her mine in return. Every time we were apart, we would feel that crazy feeling until we would be wrapped up in each other"s arms again. Then the day came when we said "so-long"...
It was a mutual decision and the break-up was a heartfelt one. Meaning that we parted with broken hearts because we were still so much in love with each other. Her parents who lived thousands of miles away, needed her. I had no choice but to stay, at least that"s what I thought at that time.
After she had left I waited for a call or an email, anything that would let me know she was safe, but I never received anything from her for a long time. I started thinking, am I only hurt or affected with the break up? To get information on her whereabouts, I started keeping in touch with her friend. I used to talk to her friend and ask, "Has she heard from her?" Shockingly, the reply came 'Yes! And she is doing fine.'
I was so hurt that she would call her friend and not me because I thought she would be more concerned about me and how I was getting on with my life after a break up. My real love story started eating me and I hated every moment when I used to think about her.
I kept getting news from her friend about what she was doing but still no word, then I heard that she found herself a Guy! Too early to get over a break up......
My heart broke.
After 6 months I came to terms with it - at least I thought it was over. To get over the singlehood lonely feeling, I started leaning on my best 'online friend'. We started getting serious about each other after a few months, maybe because at that time we were just two lonely people. Our friendship started becoming more special.
In the meantime, my real love story shattered and left me into pieces. Things were getting really bad at home. I was not in the best of my mental state, so I moved to another city just to get over the break up, get over her in short...
After being here for a few months, suddenly my ex girlfriend showed up online and we started talking as friends. Even now, deep down I was upset with what she did, but I pretended to be over her.
A few days ago my ex girlfriend again expressed her feelings to me. She told me how special I was and also confessed that she was still in love with me and missed me a lot. She told me she was always proud to be by my side and also thought of me often and that I was the only one! She even made me feel special again by adding, “You are the Best man I have ever been with!" Was I getting back to life? May be... Life goes on right??

After saying that I still loved her and missed her presence in my life, I told her that its too late to get together again and we both are very caring towards people around us. See now we have other partners and we don't have the heart to hurt them. So, now I have to live once again with this yearning inside me and she needs to be with her guy. All I can say is, I love her very much and I thank her for coming into my life and sheltering me from the pain I felt when I had nothing and for saving me from the mental trauma I was going through.
I also want to thank her for letting me experience true love because she did a lot for me and to let the whole world know I am still very much in love with her and no matter how hard I try, I will carry her inside my heart till the day I die because I wanted to be with her so badly. I still want her back in my life. The pain will always be there. The pain of losing her forever. My real love story has a sad ending but I am happy to have her in my life, though temporarily.
I don't mind celebrating Valentine's day alone!! Not every man has a valentine on this special day!

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