Sunday, November 25, 2012

Make Weight Gain History This Valentines Day !!!

Smiling-fat-girl-and-Christmas-chains - Make Weight Gain History This Valentines Day

When it comes to weighty issues, women get offended all the time as they cannot let another talk about the weight they gain even if it is their partner of a close friend. For a woman her weight is something which is close to her, something very personal and not to be shared.
The feeling of embarrassment lingers in the woman's head so therefore not talking about weight gain can actually help to a better romance.
This topic which is hard to address can now be made a lot easier with these tips on weight gain. These few tips stated below can actually help you to solve weight problems with the one you care about. On gaining weight some partners should understand that what their dearly beloved is saying to them is out of affection, love and care. Try out something new this Valentines Day.
1.In order to help your partner loose that extra fat and to burn calories easier, you have to be the one to support him/her through it even if it has to be of you legging go of the things you love ever so dearly like chocolate for instance.
2.Exercising together can really help those who are suffering from weight gain. This can be a good health tip for you along with your partner. Encouragement is the key to success,so be the encouragement to him/her.

3.During this season of love, Valentines Day, make it a point to do something different. You can shop together. Walk for hours together and side by side do something entertaining, so in this way you will be able to cut down on weight gain of your partner's with love and the best part is that he/she wont even notice as a lot of fun will be involved.
4.In every relationship, one should be a good listener.. There will be of course hard days when it comes to gaining weight etc. So make it a point not to let your partner down. Being a support to him/ her will really make a difference.
5.Keep a track on his/her weight. You keeping your partner's agenda on weight gain may sound a little bit weird but it will make a lot of difference when there is improvement of weight loss.
These are some tips this Valentines Day you can do for the one you love. Remember obesity comes with a lot of sickness, so protecting your partner in this loving way will cause no harm to the relationship.

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