Monday, November 5, 2012

Love Vs Lust: Which Is Better?

romance - Love Vs Lust -  Which Is Better

Many people coin the two terms love and lust together. Though they might seem two sides of the same coin, each has its own aspects to be credited and discredited. Sometimes a relationship starts with love and ends in lust and some times it is must the opposite. What do you think is better? Here are a few reasons both in support and against love and lust.

  • You can say love to be better than lust. In love you admire the person's qualities. And you fall in love with it. But if it is lust then you are primarily attracted to the physical attributes and looks of the person. This is primarily attraction and might not last a lifetime.
  • Lust is good in a sense that it allows you to satisfy your physical desires without much emotional attachment. Whereas if you are in love with someone then you can never even think of getting yourself satisfied with someone else other than your partner.
  • Love is much better in a sense that you are more interested in having conversations with the person rather than something else. This allows you to know each other much better. Whereas on the other hand if you are more into physical intimacies then you do not have lots of confidence on spending whole life with each other.
  • In love and not lust, you are more interested in the psychological aspects of a person rather than physical. And this way you are concerned about both the joys and sorrows of each other. But if you just have lust for the other person then you rarely care for such emotional attributes.
  • But you cannot undermine the importance of lust in a relationship either. Even lust is good because only spiritual love is not enough for a relationship to thrive in a healthy manner. You need both love and lust to make a relationship complete.
  • If there is only lust for each other in a relationship then there is no security. Your partner might just leave you suddenly out of whimsy. Whereas love is much better as you are secure in a relationship. Your partner cares more for your feelings than your body.
  • Love is good in many ways. In love, you complete each other. You share each others qualities and flaws. And you make each other a better person in the process. But, this never happens if you are just filled with lust for your partner.
We see that how both love and lust have their own points to be held as the most important factor in a relationship. Which one do you think is the most important, love or lust?

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