Monday, November 12, 2012

Lies In Love Are Dangerous: Real Story Of Heartbreak

Lies In Love Are Dangerous... Real Story Of Heartbreak

Marriages are made in heaven, yes very true God decides whom we have to marry but arrangements are left in our hand. Love is not made in heaven, we here on earth fall in love and it"s not compulsory whom we love he is gonna be our married partner. Lies in love can be dangerous
Being from a middle class family from a rural area my marriage decision was completely left in my parents" hand. V Day or dating doesn't exist in our part of the world. My marriage discussions started and after much consideration a guy from Delhi was selected. I was preparing for banking competitive exams and I wanted to marry after getting a job in the Banking industry but as you know as soon a girl is in her 20"s parents get tensed about her marriage being arranged. So here it goes all things were finalized, I saw the guy's photo and I liked him; good looking, well settled and working in MNC firm with a good pay package. But I wanted to meet him once before marriage. The guy too wanted to do the same. Finally, a day was decided, the guy came down from Delhi to meet me and my family. What a day it was! Yes, 14th Feb, V Day 2009 we met for the 1st time. He asked me lot of questions and I also asked him what I wanted to. After 3 hours of face to face talk we were satisfied to go ahead with marriage and our real love story began. The very next day he went back to Delhi.
One week later my mom asked me to call him. I was nervous but called him and started speaking with him. He had a good voice. After office hours he was fully available for me. Late night till 3-4am we used to talk, his likes, my likes and dislikes, views, future plans and all kind of talks. I was falling in love with my gonna be hubby. I had never consciously taken to lies in our love.
As per family talks on our arranged marriage was supposed to take place in the month of October. Ahh so many months without him was killing me but at the same time I was enjoying his company over the phone. When you know who is going to be your partner its quiet obvious that you have to love him, only I did the same it was my 1st love, being a girl from who is not a part of the metropolitan crowd. I was happy and enjoying each moment. I even started dreaming about our life together. Finally one fine evening he said 'I love you' and I accepted it, it was like the first V Day for our real love story.
While we were doing our part of understanding each other, our parents were doing their job. His parents thought of matching Kundali (horoscope), my mom had already matched it and informed them long back that it"s a perfect horoscope match but still they wanted to match once. Why my mom was nervous and tensed about the horoscope match I had not guessed; especially that her lies in our love will spoil everything. I asked her what the matter is but in vain. Finally I sent my kundali to them for match. I believe in god and strongly believe in Kundali match, so after sending them the kundali very next day I and my mom went to a very known and famous astrologer.
The biggest shock of my life was waiting. The astrologer clearly said if this marriage takes place husband will not survive more then 1-2 years. The reason was I am a Mangalik (someone who has widowhood written in her destiny) and there is no solution for it unless I marry a guy who is also mangalik (destined to be a widower).
I was sad, upset, heart-broken, I asked the guy if he was a manglik. I explained to him everything and he said its all rubbish, 'Dear, I won"t die just because one astrologer says so.' He tried convincing me that everything will be fine, I was convinced after talking to him but was scared of losing him. Guy parents called up after a week's time and started blaming my mom for all this. Yes, my mom was wrong but whatever she was doing was for me. Her lies were of love, for me and my happiness. We were so happy but god was not on our side. The marriage got canceled and I had to stop talking to him officially.

I kept crying day and night, no focus on studies, no hunger, no thirst only I was wishing for a miracle. Days passed but I was not able to come out of this pain of losing my 1st love. After 3 months I got the news that the guy's marriage is finalized somewhere else. I couldn"t control myself and called him. We spoke and spoke for a long time. I congratulated him and wished him all the best; he did the same to me.
Today it"s been 3 years and I am still waiting for the magic, I know I am stupid but that"s how I loved him. I lost my 1st love because of my mom made a silly mistake. Lies in love ruin everything so never lie consciously.

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