Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is Your Man Using You ?!!!

Is Your Man Using You - man using woman - hugging each other

When you are in love, you get clouded with emotions,. The feeling of falling in love takes dominance over logic. It is nothing silly or unusual because the strength of love is more stronger and so, you lose your practical sense. You might love your man wholeheartedly but he may not give the same response towards your love. There are many cases where the man just uses you for satisfying his own needs and wishes.

So, how would you know that a man is just using you for wrong intentions? Here are few classic ways to know the truth behind his love. Read on...

Changes in behaviour: 
Does your guy show different types of mood and behaviour towards you? Then he might not be in love with you. Notice, if your man is changing his behaviour before and after meeting you, then, it is a clear sign that he is using you. A selfish man will butter you when he needs or else would consider you nothing!

Make ex jealous: 
Did he have a bad past relationship? If he has shared with you then try to see whether he talks about taking revenge with his ex and make her jealous. Getting cheated or betrayed hurts the ego of a man and revenge is the best option to feel light. If he is trying to take you at places where his ex can notice the two of you, then it can show that he is trying to use you.

Arm candy:
A girl can clearly make out that her man is not interested in her if he tries to treat you as his arm candy. Just to show off to friends, many men date hot chicks. If your guy tries to come extremely close to you in public places or in front of his friends then it shows that he is not really in love with you but, just using you to get popularity. If your guy is not treating you the same way when you two are alone then it is clear that you are not his love. This is a sign to know the hidden intentions of a man.

Physical love:
Love is more based on physical proximity than mental. In the beginning, physical love is more stronger in the lives of a couple. But, there are many men who control themselves till the right time comes. If your guy tries to get physically close to you (with or without your consent) then he is using you for wrong intentions. Test him. Avoid letting him come close to you for few days or weeks and see his response. You can judge accordingly.

These are few ways to know if your guy is using you or not.

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