Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is Your Love Emotional Or Physical?

Is Your Love Emotional Or Physical? - romance

Is your love emotional or physical? 
How to know if your partner has an emotional or a physical attraction?

Many couples find it hard to know the inner intention of their partners. They get confused when their partner only talks about lovemaking or emotions. Therefore, here are tips to know if your love is physical or mental.
Tips to know if your partner has a physical love or an emotional one:
  • If your partner is only interested in making love and doesn't care about your emotions then it is a physical attraction. Whereas, if your partner values emotions and think more about communication rather than physical closeness then he/she has an emotional love.
  • Adoring your inner beauty shows the emotional attachment of your partner and the seriousness towards you. Adoring your outer beauty and focusing on looks, dresses and body shows the physical attraction.
  • If the partner is not interested in you and doesn't care about you, your life, your problems and your happiness then it clearly shows that it is a physical love.
  • The most common tip to know if your partner is serious about you or not is by seeing if he/she is interested to introduce you to his family and relatives. Introducing to friends is not a big deal but when it comes to family, the true colours of the relationship comes into the air. Easy to decide if your partner is comfortable in involving families or not.
  • Giving space is important for a healthy relationship but it is important to see if your partner is including you in his/her plans or not. Sharing the problems and issues as well as happiness is a big concern. This shows the intensity of your love and clears your doubt, if the love is physical or emotional.
  • If your conversation is always taken towards making love then it is not an emotional but a physical love. Forceful intimacy is also a sign of physical attraction.
  • When it comes to talking about future, most of the partners get scared to take the responsibility and this is why misunderstanding also happen. If your partner fights with you and finds reasons to avoid you, then it clearly shows that the love is not emotional. Your partner's reaction towards future planning of your relationship can clearly portray the image of the feelings.
Use these tips to know if your love is emotional or physical and judge!

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