Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Intellectual Love Boring?

Is Intellectual Love Boring? - book - reading glasses

Intellectual love is a not like any other mundane romantic relationship. Love relationships are often confusing and boredom in love is also not an uncommon phenomenon. Of the various kinds of of love intellectual love stands apart in terms of its nature.
What is special about Intellectual Love?
  • When we think of romantic relationships, we immediately imagine a 16 something girl and a 19 something boy standing under a tree holding hands. This stereo type does not hold good as far the intellectual variety of love is concerned. 
  • When we think about love relationships, we instantly associate it with matter of the heart involving emotions. However, this love is very much to do with the brain. It is more like two people find food for thought in each other. 
  • As this kind of love is associated with intellect we seldom find shallow or frivolous individuals in these kinds of romantic relationships.
  • Such relationships almost always occur between two adults because young people are unable to grasp the depth of this kind of attraction.
  • This type of love is not based on external attributes like the partner's looks or money. Rather it is a deep psychological attachment between like minds. 
  • Examples of Intellectual Love: Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi or John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Boredom in Intellectual love:

Young people, specifically the college crowd imagines serious love to be boring and dry. However, when two matured and brilliant minds stimulate each other, there is hardly any scope for boredom in love. It is also not necessary that the physical aspect of a relationship is totally absent here. Like all romantic relationships, this one two have the element of sexual attraction but as both partners are people of high thinking, it may be expressed in a muted form.

Negative aspects of Intellectual Love
  • Sometimes, this type of love were both partners are serious individuals can become too intense and harmful for the ones in it.
  • Two mature adults have their own set of ideas about life and ego that comes with experience. It can turn out to be very difficult to over these two giant egos and reach a middle point where both partners are comfortable.
  • It is often quoted that two swords can't stay in the same cover. In a similar way, two extremely intelligent people find it difficult to get by living together. In some rare cases, this kind of relationships can have an element of self-destructiveness in them. An classic example is the marriage of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They were divorced and re-married 7 times!
  • The element of fun and frolic is missing in these relationships and it can get a bit monotonous beyond a point. If both partners are unable to let go of themselves it can be a drab relationship.

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