Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How To Start Fresh In Love?

How To Start Fresh In Love? - two lovers at nature

When our love story began we were a picture perfect couple with nothing but dreams of a glorious future in our eyes, but look at us today, scarred and ugly with broken dreams. Bitterness creeps into love with the ravages of time but that does not mean we should give up. You can always start fresh in a relationship if there is still 'love' left between the two of you. Conflicts in relationships, hurt and mar a relationship of its early innocence but nothing is irrevocable in love.

If you think that you have lived in a love hate relationship too long then wake up and delete the hate from your lives. Here is how you can start fresh in love.
Ways To Start Fresh In A Relationship:

1. Have A Huge Fight:
It sounds like a joke does it? But it isn't. Surprising why the first way to start fresh is to bring up the past and hurt each other. How else will you get the hurt out of your system? In the modern times, communication is a big problem because we have little time for it so relationship conflicts grow as we suppress them. Having a fight will de-toxify you of all the negative emotions for each other.

2. Do Pros And Cons:
Sit down on your own with pen and paper and make a list of the good and bad things that your partner has done with you. For every 'pro' cancel out a 'con'. In the end you will see there will a few stray 'pros' left and that will be your motivation to kill the bitterness in your love life.

3. Move To A New Place: 
It might seem like a superficial idea but you have to give yourselves a chance with this one. Change of air can do wonders. Maybe your life has become too settled and that is the problem in your relationship. Move to a new location with new hopes and dreams; you will come closer as a couple in this alien location.

4. Take A Vacation & Be On A Holiday For Life: 
If you are not able to get on to on site project or a career move immediately, even taking a small holiday will help. Pack up your things for the trip and leave your bitterness in love behind. When you come back, you can begin with a fresh mind free from the baggage of misunderstandings.

5. Take Trip Down The Memory Lane:
It is not good to dig up the past but the past has its share of good memories too. Go back to where you began. Visit the college you two went to or the place where you first met, the cafe you both once frequented etc. Those tiny bits of nostalgia will make your relationship stronger. You will probably start seeing the hilarity of the situations in which you fight.

Use these relationship tips to start fresh in love and rebuild your relationship.

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