Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Know Your Man Loves You?

How To Know Your Man Loves You? - man admiring a woman

It is very difficult to read a man's mind. A man can say that he loves you and wants you in his life but how would you be sure about his feelings? Sometimes, it can be tricky to read a man's mind and his real intentions might be hidden under the cloak. To know if a man really loves you, here are tips which can clear the picture! Read on...
Tips to know if a man really loves you:
  • The way he treats you can clearly express his feelings for you. This is very effective way to know if he really loves you or not. If he treats you equal and shares his problems, good or bad events, ideas and thoughts then he is interested in you. See if he shares with you or keeps things to himself. Even small topics can help determine his interest and liking towards you.
  • See if he is all ears when you are saying something. Women are talkative and sometimes they talk out of context but it is good to see if he is there to listen to what you have to say. 
  • Check out his possessiveness. If you are special to him, he will make you feel that! Observe his reactions when you roam out with male friends. His negative reaction and complex feelings ensures that your man loves you and doesn't want anyone to even look at you!
  • Respect is what describes your importance in one's life. If your man is really interested in you, he will respect you, your feelings, your thoughts, etc. In short, he should treat you equal rather than being dominant.
  • To know if a man is in love or not, you have to see if he adores you or not. He should compliment you when you look good and should tell you when you need to change your look. This shows his interest in you.

  • If your man is romantic and wants you with him then it is a sign to know that he wants you to be with him every time.
  • When a man is alone, he needs a support. If your man searches for you and expects you to be on his side then it is a way to know that he really loves you and wants you in his life. He might not express his wish to have a support but it is you who has to understand him.
  • If your man tries to impress you and keep you happy by giving surprises, he surely loves you and wants you in his life.
These are the simple tips to check if your man is interested in you and wants you or not!

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