Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How To Keep Away From Love?

How To Keep Away From Love - stay away cupid

Although Valentine's day is nearing there are many people who like live single and keep away from love. Take a look to know why and fun facts.

For many men, falling in love is like falling in the deepest ocean of sorrow. They feel that women are very complicated characters, very unreliable, fussy and egoistic. Men prefer to be in lust than in love. Today, valentines day is a day to find a partner for the night rather than for a soulmate.

It is no different for women as even they would like to attract men on the special day with skimpy outfits than attract with a beautiful heart.

To some, it is a day to get expensive gifts from boyfriends so they plan to find men as many as possible and see off after all the celebration.

For the college going, the day is too colourful for them to melt badly but boys watch out as there a lot of responsibilities in life that you need to take up. Your education which is prime for earning, your money which is very meagre for the age and for parents who are waiting to see you reach greater heights.
Here is how you can keep love away (avoid love)

1. Those Hot Looking Eyes And Skimpy Dress Require A Treat
Contol your emotions and stop admiring the girl. Tell her that her makeup is a little weird and the dress is making her look fat. The more you avoid her the better, treat yourself for keeping up the challenge.

2. If She Wears Her Favourite Perfume And Presents Flowers
Sneeze and ask her to keep the flowers away from your sight. About the perfume, tell her that it smells very local (unbranded).

3. If She Talks About Her Teddy Bear And Asks You For A Date 
Tell her that you hate stuff toys and wouldn't like to date somebody soo kiddish.

4. If She Invites You Home For Lunch 
Refuse and if she forces you, wear the stinky sock of your's which you generally wear it while playing the sport, she can't come near you. About the lunch, eat as much as you want, compliment and burrp or fart harder to keep her away from you forever.

To avoid love, you can find many ways but to find love there is no way. Only fate / luck can act and play to make your day.

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