Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Handle A Bossy Girlfriend?

How To Handle A Bossy Girlfriend? - controlling women

Does your girlfriend act like your boss? Does she keeps expecting a lot of things from you? Does she keep correcting you for everything that you do? Well, sorry boss, you have bossy and a dominating girlfriend.
This behavior of your girlfriend needs to be tackled in the right way otherwise it may go out of control and may even get into the verge of ending relationship. Know how to deal and handle your bossy girlfriend with these important tips.

Dealing And Handling Bossy Girlfriend

1. Ignore – 
Never give a lot of importance to your girlfriend, avoid meeting her for a few days or until she realises that you aren't liking certain things about her. The general mentality of a girl is that they are impatient when it comes to these things. Your girlfriend will call you up to find out about your ignorance and will slowly change her attitude.

2. Sarcasm 
Never get too straight when you want think of keeping her in a place. Crack sarcastic jokes when she tries to override you in a party or a get-together. If she is sensible, she will understand that there is something that you are not liking about her.

3. Make Her Feel Jealous 
Try to hang around with other girls just to make her understand that she is not the only VIP in your life and there is nothing too special about her. This feeling will bring her ego and false prestige down making her step down the ladder for you.

4. Talk It Out 
Ask her to meet your for a coffee and tell her that you wouldn't want to be treated like her pet and hates her being a bossy girlfriend. Tell her that you need some space and you have all rights to think different!

5. Pal Advice 
May be your advices may not make an impact but her close pals can convey what you are going trough to her. Coming from the same gender, they can make things much clearer and problem free than you.

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