Friday, November 23, 2012

Do Men Cry?

Do Men Cry - guys - man crying - tears

Women have always wondered on why men don't cry..! Is it because they are stone hearted or they just don't want to be known as the cranky gender when compared to women!
If you compare both the genders, you would see that women cry their way through a lot of things and thus they succeed when it comes to a relationship. It is believed that crying is a woman's strong weapon when it comes to her man? But what do you have to say when it comes to men and their strong weapon?
A survey was conducted on why men don't cry, where we saw a lot of groomed men put in a word or two for and against the topic!The first subject, Rakesh, stated that he did not weep when his girlfriend left him although he was so madly in love with her. He claimed to say that though he was hurt, he didn't find the necessity to show his emotions by crying!

'There are times when men cry while watching a movie, they quickly pull back their tears and wash away all that sadness in a wink of an eye', states Ramya. These types of men who cry are said to be down to earth and very emotional too, 'which does not mean that they have woman characteristics'!
Karthik, a former footballer, has stated that it is a false saying that men don't cry. He stated himself,that he cried when he had won a match with a strong opponent, it was indeed tears of happiness and this is one difference we see in men who cry . He also adds on to say that, 'Men who see themselves as the Macho type on the outside, are the ones who are potentially weak on the inside.'
What men have is, 'ego', which is a strong part of their life and it is this so called ego, that does not allow them to show their feelings in the form of tears, when they are hurt/ sad. Men don't cry, because they feel it is an emotion well suited for a woman and if they do shed a tear or so, they are portrayed as being a girl.
What do you think? Do you believe that men don't cry?

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