Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can You Deal With A Careless Boyfriend?

Can You Deal With A Careless Boyfriend? - upset sad couple - bad relationship

Men are careless! No wonder....

This is what most of the women feel about men. Men are not like women and are not so interested to remember everything unlike women. Often women complain that their husband/boyfriend is careless, doesn't remember birthdays, our first meeting day etc. The main reason behind men being careless is his attitude, concentration and interest. When your boyfriend starts taking you for granted, he will take you lightly and everything related to you can become different. So, how to deal with a careless boyfriend?

Ways to deal with a careless boyfriend:

Examine 'Why' :
It is very important to know why your boyfriend is careless towards you. If this is a new relationship problem, you have to find out the reason behind it and deal with it. If you are at fault then make up by rectifying your mistakes or flaws. But if it is from his side, you have to find out the reason behind his negligence. If your boyfriend is careless but loves you and expresses himself then he is true to you.

This is one of the most important and effective way to deal with a careless boyfriend. You have to open up and ask him rather than keeping it inside you and hurting yourself. This way you will come to know the reason. Sometimes men become careless when their minds are preoccupied with some other things. This time, women misunderstand and take harsh decisions. Therefore always discuss before taking a step.

React peacefully:
When you see his negligence is not reducing towards you, you try to react and observe. If he tries to become responsible towards his girlfriend, it shows that he is taking efforts to change his careless attitude. But if he is still careless then it means that he is not bothered!

After all these, you have to decide. If he changes or tries to change, he is surely in love with you. If not, do the same with him! Avoid him and see his reactions. If he is still not bothered, it is better to move on!!!

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