Sunday, November 11, 2012

Are You Too Much Of A Decent Girl?

Are You Too Much Of A Decent Girl?

The good girls get bad guys is a saying that has long gone out of fashion. That is because you automatically assume that all boys are bad and girls have to worse than them to get them straight. So in a social scenario like this if you are an old fashioned decent girl, then your position is precarious. Now, guys do not like loose women, they want a decent girl to take home but if you are still single then you are probably too much of a miss goody two shoes.
Here is why you are still single inspite of being a decent girl well worth wooing and winning.

Why You Are Too Good For Him?

1. May be the guys are not finding you attractive because you remind them of their mothers. All worried for their well being and trying to discipline them for their good. May you should just cut down on the lecturing part. Men hate to be lectured. He will not understand your concern because you are taking the fun out of his life.

2. Being decent is one thing, being boring another. Now obviously nobody like to admit that they are totally utterly boring but may be it is time to introspect and make changes. Do a litmus test; if your idea of a fun evening is a visit to the library, coffee at a coffee shop followed by a walk hand in hand while he drops you home then you are boring (sorry no other way to put it). You have to learn to have fun.

3. So how exactly can you have fun? That is a tough one because the idea of fun is subjective. But Uncle Will is there to help us! William Shakespeare believed that character is action, so if you do nothing, you are no one. Join salsa classes, go clubbing, trekking or camping. What men want is to share activities with their girlfriends.

4. Do you come across as too severe? The only girl in high school who went out with nobody! May be guys like you but do not find you approachable so they shy away. They feel that if they were to propose you would obviously reject and they would end up making a fool of themselves. May be that is why you are still single; be a little approachable. Smile a little for a change.

5. Don't be too stuck up about your beliefs and principles. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl but you need to be open to ideas. This happens to hard core feminists often that they cannot take small sexist jokes cracked by guys. Relax, if you do not take it personally then it won't have to be such an ego issue.

Use these relationship tips to understand why you are still single and try not to be so much of a decent girl that guys find you stuck up.

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