Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are You Dating Your Ex's Friend?

Are You Dating Your Ex's Friend? - jealous - jealousy

Falling in love with your ex's friend is nothing strange. After a break up, the broken heart is consoled by your mutual friend who indeed takes place in your heart and you wish to be with him/her all time. Suddenly you start feeling that your ex's friend is far more better than your ex and he/she understands you much better than your ex did. But you are taken aback when the impression comes into the scenario. You think that your ex might react weird after seeing you dating his/her friend and the worst can be the misconception. If you are falling for your ex's friend and the fire is same on the other side too, here are dating tips to get along with your ex's friend without worries!

Tips to date ex's friend:

To start building feelings in your ex's friend, you have to flirt. Don't flirt when the situation is too serious. This may throw a negative impression on the friend and make you look desperate. Healthy flirting is the key to impress him/her and win the heart gradually!

Never discuss with the ex: 
It is best to be discreet about the relationship in the beginning days. This is important as dating your ex's friend can affect their friendship too. So, avoid disclosing the love affair which is building gradually.

Think twice: 
As he/she is your ex's friend, they might have same intentions for getting along with you. This is why, women especially should think twice before dating ex's friend. The guy can try to console you and impress you to date him. Be attentive and thoughtful.

Do you need it?:
It is good to know whether you actually need to date your ex's friend or not. The feeling can be affection and not love. This can also be an emotional attachment which you think is love. After a break up, you can hang around with others to get over the depression but it is best to avoid getting serious in the initial days. Be prepared and think, do you really need another relationship post break up?

Every relationship develops with time. If you are dating your ex's friend, give some time to the relationship and let it grow gradually. Things can get spoiled if done in a haste. So, let time decide whether the relationship is healthy or not.

Follow these tips if you are dating or planning to date your ex's friend.

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