Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Signs That You Are In Love !!!

7 Signs That You Are In Love - love and romance - romantic moments

There are many myths that confirm whether you are in love. They say, that you feel the wind blowing faster than ever during that moment, the heart bell ringing, the heart beating faster, sudden rains etc etc but are these really signs of falling in love? Well, only the experienced can answer. Today, we will discuss the most common signs or rather the practical reasons that hint you are in love. Take a look .

Top 7 Signs You Are In Love

1. You Forget To Eat And Sleep 
This is the first sign that confirms there is something (or somebody) that has interrupted your easy going life. You don't relish food even if it is your favorite, you are always in a hurry to meet the person. Even after a stressful day, you don't want to come home and take a nap.

2. You Don't Actually Remember Days  
You may be the smartest guy in office/college but you hardly remember anything in exams. You even forget special days of your close ones and always seem happy.

3. You Look Lost All The Time 
You like to dream when you are in love. You listen to romantic songs more and more, imagine life with the new mate. Flowers catch your eyes and colour red will be your favorite at that time.

4. You Smile Without A Reason 
You always remember the moments with your new love. You laugh thinking about the funny conversation the two of you had. You keep checking for the messages sent and received.

5. You Always Think About The Person When Buying Things 
Whenever you are buying stuff for yourself, you think if she would like it on you. You like to dress the way she likes and never try to look different if she had complement your looks.

6. Not Interested To Study/ Work  
From past a few days, you are in no mood to work. You want to meet the girl and tell her the three magical words. You wouldn't mind if your job is at stake or your exams are nearing.

7. Get Jealous When You Find Your Love Talking To Some Guy 
Whenever you find your love talking to a unknown guy, you will get angry and jealous. You always fear where you will lose her. The possessiveness proves that are you are already in love!

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