Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Golden Rules To Date Your Boss !!!

7 Golden Rules To Date Your Boss! - co worker love

To date your boss is not the smartest things to do unless you are an incorrigible opportunist. However love comes in all sorts of (pay)packages so there can never be a total right or wrong answer in this case. You may actually find love in your work place and that too in your direct reporting boss. There have been instances of successful love stories that have some out of office dating too. However you have have to live and swear by some dating rules to keep things civil.

Here are some rules that you simply must follow if you want to date your boss.

Dating Rules To Date Boss:

1. Never ever discuss it with your other colleagues; this is a secret you have to take to your grave. It is an unethical corporate practice so apart from being the butt of vicious gossip you may lose your job. It makes more sense for you to be careful because you are junior.

2. Keep your love life out of office. You may have started to date your boss in office but you cannot be sending mushy text messages or making frantic calls during work hours. If you do so then your body language will make it obvious to everyone with a sixth sense that something is brewing.

3. Do not exchange secret glances or volunteer for those subtle touch of hands while passing things. People are not blind; they can smell these mysteries and trying hide an office dating affair is like trying cover the smell of fish with grass.

4. Never leave office together. People may miss noticing a slip in your work but their radars are active for these kind of stories. You should not be seen in the company off your boss post office hours either. If you have plans to meet then travel separately to a common location.

5. Just like you keep your love life out of work place, keep your professional life out of your love life. Never discuss office issues outside office when you two are spending time together. That will unnecessarily complicate things and not give you both enough time to bond.

6. Never declare your relationship status on social networking sites or post conspicuous messages on each others internet 'walls'. Your other colleagues from work are bound to be on your friend list and even if they are not it is difficult to open open your profile. Privacy online is hard found these days.

7. Do not overdo the terms and conditions of these dating rules because that too will make people suspicious. If you are having lunch with your team and your boss joins you, you need not get up and run. Nor should you avoid direct eye contact because these gestures indicate unacknowledged guilt; people will not miss that either.

To pull it off cleanly is like walking on ice and most people can't manage it. You can try to date your boss with these relationship tips.

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