Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7 Common Things That Girlfriends Do When Angry !!!

7 Common Things That Girlfriends Do When Angry - angry woman girl

Girlfriends are no less destructive queens when angry. They damage not only the boyfriend's heart but also the expensive stuffs that he values a lot. They cry, fuss, black mail and do all kinds to make their boyfriend say yes to their demands. Take a look so that you can anticipate the next time and prepare self to deal with your angry girlfriend.

5 Common Things That Girlfriends Do When Angry

1. Create Lot Of Noise Pollution In The Kitchen 
Let's say you promised that you would take her to a restaurant but couldn't keep up, your girlfriend will be very angry to make food on that day and will create a big mess in the kitchen. To convince her, you need to clean up all the mess and re-confirm on when you will take her to the place.

2. Play Music Freaking Loud  
Say you two had a big argument and you went on talking without listening to her. Your angry girlfriend will pretend as if she is watching TV and will increase volume until she is able to get over her frustration. The problem can be solved when you talk to her softly and make her understand with care. Filthy language will lead to breaking of your TV remote control.

3. Will Not Call Or Talk For Days (Switch Off Phones)
Since mobile phones can reach people anywhere and at anyplace, the best thing to make a person realise is by switching of phones and allow the person suffer loneliness. This is the mantra of many irritated girlfriends. To Teach a lesson to boyfriends, they plan these ideas.

4. Return Gifts
To show you that they cannot take it anymore in relationship, they return gifts and show-off that they are not with you for materialistic comforts. When you plead them to take it back, they pretend to be receiving it by force.

5. Threatens To End Relationship
Ending relationship is then when the anger is resulting in frustration. They would rather want to break relationship than suffer with the useless relationship. Although boyfriends convince, the relationship is in a bid to end.

6. Bangs Your Car
One of the common things that most girlfriends do. Since they are aware that their boyfriends have a lot of love for their car, they try to show the irritation by hitting the door hard or kicking it with legs.

7. Complains About You To Friends 
If you are too stubborn to accept your mistakes, she has a good plan. Your friends are dear to you so she will share her problems with them and make a sorry face so that they believe and advice you to be good.

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