Saturday, November 17, 2012

5 Ways To Find If Your Girl Is Using You !!!

5 Ways To Find If Your Girl Is Using You

Having a girlfriend is no big deal but having a good and a faithful mate is definitely a matter of luck. Women of today are very smart, tricky, inconsistent and play a lot brain games. Men are easily trapped and badly exploited for money, luxury and timepass.

Many guys do not realise that they are just used and will be dumped by their partner too soon. They plan all their time for the girl to see the day when the girl escapes without any notice. Today, we shall discuss the ways to find if your girl is using you. Take a look.
5 Ways To Find If Your Girl Is Using You

1. She Plans To Meet You As A Last Resort 
May be you force her a lot to meet but she may cancel it in the last moment to relax or have a good nap. You will find her giving the silliest of the silly reasons just to avoid meeting you. Even after knowing that it is your birthday or some important day, she prefers to hang around with other friends than meet you. These signs prove that she doesn't want you.

2. She Doesn't Care What You Think  
May be you guys met after a long time and at that time you find watching TV or busy on phone. There is absolutely no change in her reaction when she sees you after a big gap. Even when you wept, she didn't communicate with your emotions will prove that she doesn't really care about your life. Your cheating girlfriend is already planning to take a slip and you should prepare yourself for getting dumped.

3. She Doesn't Keep Up Words Told To You 
May be she'll promise to meet you but cancels plans all the time. Sometimes you may find her talking to you namesake and pretend that there is hardly anything in between to have a conversation. The best relationship advice is that stop spending too much money on this cheating girlfriend.

4. She Expect Things But Never Thinks Of Giving 
She keeps demanding for gifts and is always ready to meet you to collect them but it is time for her return things, she is totally absconding. This irresponsible behaviour and take for granted attitude will confirm that she is only after money and luxuries of life.

5. You Are Not A Part Of Her Future Plans 
You may always find her talking about her future but realise that she doesn't have anything to say about you and your relationship with her. Half the time she keeps talking about getting promoted in her job and moving out of city but hardly talks about the companionship she shared with you. These signs confirm that the girl is using you and has absolutely no regards for the relationship you have with her. Why wait to get dumped, chuck the girl and enjoy the liberty of being single.

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