Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 Ways To Ignore Him !!!

woman-ignoring-man - 3 Ways To Ignore Him

A woman knows how to attract all the attention towards her. Smart tricks through eye contact is what women prefer to attract a man towards her. But, if the man is not showing much interest in you, you start ignoring him. It is just an attempt to make him go crazy for you. Not clear? It is just a way to make him come to you. Following are few easy tricks to ignore him and make him go crazy for you!

Back off: 
If you have initiated a lot then it is time for you to back off. For example, he might have the same interest in you but, you have to initiate the conversation every time. If this is the case, then you have to stop taking the first step. Make him feel that you are ignoring him. Stay online but do not ping him. This will gradually make him curious to know why you are not talking to him. And soon you will see his messages in your inbox. Be patient and reply casually. Show that you were really busy so could not take out time for him.

Stop calling him: 
This is another important way to ignore him and make him come to you. You have to pause chatting through texts or calls. If you really want to make him come after you then you have to ignore him completely. If he calls you up, throw an excuse after talking for a minute. It is just a way to show that you are ignoring him. This will make him come after you.

Throw the right attitude:
Your attitude can make him go crazy for you. If you keep falling for him and showing this every now and then that you want him badly in your life, he would only start avoiding you. In worst cases, there are few men who take such women for granted. If you want to be in the hot list of the man you like, you have to show the right attitude at the right place. For example, if you both are in the same place but he is with a chick, you don't react. Make him question himself, "Why didn't she react when I was trying to make her jealous?" When this question comes up, he might try to make you more jealous but, you have to be firm. Do not melt down when he is around you. More importantly, do not make him feel that you are ignoring him intentionally.

These are few ways to ignore him and make him fall for you. If you pamper a man, he would start taking you for granted. So, be yourself and try these ways to keep your self-esteem at the top.

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