Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Men Always Want From Their Women?

What Men Always Want From Their Women

Even after dating for many weeks, months or years, a woman finds it difficult to know what her man wants. Men too feel the same. According to them, they can't read the mind of a woman and do not get what women actually want! Well, the fight between the two genders will never end however the level of understanding each other can improve. If you have been into a relationship since a long time, you should now know what your man wants through his actions and reactions.
Here are few common things that men always want in a relationship and crave for it all the time. Read them to know your man better.

Common things that men always want from their partners:
You give me your full time: Even if the man is busy in his own world, he would expect his lady love to be his slave or rather a puppet who should give full attention and time to her man. What about space that men always mention during the fights? When they want, they can hang out with friends and leave you all alone in the house but if you do the same, he will run behind you fighting.

Live according to my way: I don't know why, but men still think that they should be dominating in a relationship. Being a stronger sex, he should try to keep you under his control and dominate you. If he doesn't like an activity that he accepted before, he will force you to change yourself. This is one thing that almost all men want from their partners. For example, earlier your man might have loved you for you lived your life like a bird. But, after few months or years, this nature starts hitting him and gradually all his frustration comes out through anger and dominance.

Don't have male friends: Most of the men always want this thing from their women. They expect their women to be friends with him or have few girl friends but no male friends at all! Seldom you will find an open-minded guy who is secure when his woman is with her male friends. Even women stop their men from being friends with other girls so we can't simply say that men are typically insecure partners!

Look after me: Men are kids at heart. So, they always want attention from their women. Every man desires to be pampered by his partner. Thus, men always want to get this thing from their women and they literally crave for it!

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