Monday, October 22, 2012

The Things I Like Best About Women !!!

beautiful_women_The Things I Like Best About Women

The fuel for your interactions with women is your love for them. Most guys see women as an opportunity to hump to orgasm. This attitude ignores how beautiful and fun women can be. I’m talking about their bodies and minds.

I you can learn to enjoy female personalities, and relate to how a woman thinks, you’ll begin to have amazing, effortlessly fun conversations with them.

How They Move
One thing I’ve noticed about women is that they move much faster, or much slower than men. Men tend to move at a steady moderate pace. Women can get fidgety, or they roll, switch and slide. When men move like women, they immediately look less attractive.

I love a woman’s hips, her switch, her walk.  I love to see her get fidgety and finicky with her clothes and details (makeup, hair, etc). I love to stare at her and make her self-conscious, trying to fix herself, not realizing I’m staring because she’s fucking beautiful.

When a woman walks, leans over, touches herself, and fidgets, I get turned on. I think about what I could do to her body, how I could make her lose her mind and realize her body.

Women’s Skin
Women have more sensitive skin that men. They also have softer, smoother skin than we do. It’s so fun, but also relaxing (to the point of hypnotizing) to graze my fingers over a woman’s body.

Every curve, every tiny detail has so much potential because women feel sensations throughout their bodies, not localized. This means that if you touch the sole of a woman’s foot in the right place, her whole body will quiver.

Usually women wear perfume and lotion to turn you on by smell. But to me, a woman’s natural smell is SUCH a turn on. Trust me. Let a woman sweat and then smell her tummy and thighs. Let a woman breath heavy, and then smell her breath. Good women smell good inside and out.

Their Personalities
Women are strong and sensitive. Notice how that’s the “type” of man that women like in men. This is because we value in others what we want to be. Women’s ideal self-image stems from their genetic makeup – their biological role. Women want to be supportive foundations of male performance and striving. Women want to be nurturing, connective sources of love and care.

I pay close attention to a woman’s personality when I meet her. I’m looking for certain things. When I see feminine strength, and sensitivity – or nurturance, I get excited and point it out.

It’s this approval that justifies my sexual interest. When I was first deciphering the female code I realized that women are just as strong as men, but more sensitive. Men are mentally strong, but less sensitive. But we are stronger physically. So it balances out. Women deal with trauma all day – men are sexually aggressive, past the boundaries of respect. This must be tough, but women cope. And I respect that. There’s more to say on this, but I must move on. Respect a woman’s strength and that strong woman will devote herself to pleasing and supporting you.

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