Friday, September 14, 2012

When She Acts Like Your Mom !!!

women_controls_man - When She Acts Like Your Mom
During casual dating in some relationships, a woman may be independent, flexible, go out of her way to comfort you when your sick and listen to your problems. However, as soon as you’re in a committed relationship with her, she switches from care-taking to becoming a controlling woman--being over-bearing, constantly nagging and lecturing you like you're still a child.

Not all women want to be mothers; however, most women tend to carry on the traits they learn from their mothers (whether good or bad) and focus all their nurturing instincts toward the closest person to them--which in this case would be you! Although this nurturing may seem great at first, having your relationship change from a loving and equal partnership to parent-child roles can be the end of any romance between the two of you. Some guys tend to bring the nagging and lecturing on themselves by procrastinating on things or having outlandish spending habits, etc...It’s no secret that women mature faster than men, so the two of you may not be on the same maturity levels.

In most cases, the nurturing or nagging comes out of genuine affection and concern for you. A potential reason for her to treat you like a child is because you’re acting like one. The more you act like you’re ten years old, the greater the chance she’s going to keep giving you that mom stare. When she treats you like a child, you can stop the negative results of her maternal instinct and motherly behavior by acting like a man. Calmly and rationally explain your behaviors and/or desires and point out to her that you are an adult and fully capable of making your own decisions. If you regularly demonstrate that you are a strong, independent and self-sufficient man, she will be less likely to think of you as a child and you both can get back to a loving, equal partnership.

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