Thursday, September 27, 2012

What To Do When Women Think You’re Sleazy !!!

What To Do When Women Think You’re Sleazy

You’ve mastered the art of flirtation and are keen to try out your newly learned tricks- but sometimes it doesn’t work out before you even get to the stage where you can flirt. If you find women reject you before you’ve had a chance to impress them, perhaps it’s because you emit a sleazy vibe. While women are attracted to men who are smooth in their flirtation, appearing sleazy will turn them right off. Here are a few tips to reduce the sleaze factor.

Don’t grin like a Cheshire cat
Smiling is good because it makes you seem friendly and easy-going. Grinning so much that you look sinister is not good because it makes you look like a sleaze. Be sparing with any teeth-baring smiles, which are best reserved in conversation to show genuine amusement. If you want to smile before your approach, limit it to a cute smile with minimal teeth showing.

Keep your eyes and eyebrows in check
This should go without saying, but make sure to limit any sleazy eye or eyebrow motions. Wiggling your eyebrows or suggestively raising one eyebrow is a big no-no. Being able to manipulate each eyebrow separately is a great talent, but is best saved for the context of showing off your party trick rather than putting it to practical use. Winking is another thing to be wary of, being the ultimate sleazy move. It shows your intentions when things are going really well with the lady you’re after- but be very, very sparing, and don’t even think about winking when you’re not totally sure she’s into you.

Don’t initiate touch too early
If you put your arm around her seconds after you met her, she’ll feel like you’re trying to claim her as your property. That’s not flirtatious- that’s creepy. Wait until she has indicated she’s interested before making a move. It’s better to take your time and get with her in the end rather than make a move too early and have her think you’re a creep, which just ruins everything.

Greasy = sleazy
Sleazy and greasy are often used interchangeably. Even though greasy can be used both in the literal sense of oiliness and in the figurative sense of sleaziness; the meanings can become conflated so if you look oily, you’ll be thought of as sleazy. To this end, make sure your hair and skin always look freshly washed and are not overloaded with products. You won’t be thought of as oily in either sense of the word, and you’ll look better to boot.

If you’re thought of as sleazy in your social circles because your reputation precedes you, that’s not such a bad thing. More than likely, it just means you’re a notorious flirter who consistently pulls in the ladies. In this case, there’s not much to do except revel in your reputation as a ladies’ man, a stereotype which some women are very attracted to. However, when women who don’t even know you think you’re greasy, it’s time to assess what vibe you’re giving off, and apply the above tips next time you’re chatting someone up.

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